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Thank you so much for the healing session with Moses (turtle).  I so appreciate your insight and gifts.  It is difficult to know that Moses is happy and content since he has little to no body language and zero words!  Knowing that he sees me as his family makes me soo happy.  Thank you for helping me to see what he needs and likes!  Thank you for helping me to be a better pet owner. – Brooke – Texas

Thank you soooo much for sharing your gift of animal communication with Teka and us.  Because Teka, our Alaskan Malamute, had been badly injured in a dog attack, we were concerned about the emotional and psychological issues that might emerge.  You helped reassure us that Teka was healing well on all levels and that in no way did she blame us for the attack.  You were right on target with your sense of who she is (her personality and spirit) and you helped alleviate our feels of guilt and helplessness.  You also helped remind us that we have much to learn from one another.  Teka is resting quietly and we are much more at ease, thanks to you.  With great appreciation, Barb, Larry, Teka – North Carolina

Karen Healey has a true gift for communicating with animals, both those still here, as well as those who have passed. Our hearts were filled with such peace after being able to reconnect to our sweet cat (Simon) who had passed on.  Our family was immensely blessed by Karen’s beautiful talent, and we will forever be thankful. – Robin – Kentucky

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