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You will agree with me when I say that our animal companions  provide us with oodles of joy and unconditional love.  Often there is a much deeper, more purposeful and supportive connection between us.   Our animals are our teachers.

An animal communication session can help to:

– improve the animal/human bond

– promote a better understanding of your animal and you

– learn about our animal’s deeper soul connection to us

– connect with an animal that has passed

– address behavior issues

As our energies may be tied up with questions, concerns or worries about these issues, intuitive information can provide us with a sense of peace, clarification, or confirmation, which allows us to move forward in our lives with our animal companions, see Testimonials .

I can do an intuitive energy scan (distant healing, also), balancing and healing the energy systems of your animal which supports and initiates the body in accessing its own innate healing.

Note:  An animal communication or energy healing session is not a replacement for veterinary care.


Animal Communication Session – (by e-mail $20.00)
E-mail me 1-2 questions and I will provide a written response to you within 48  hours.

Animal Communication Session (by telephone – $30/30 minutes)
Prepare 1-3 questions and I will address them during the session.

Energy Balancing/Healing Session – ($30/30 minutes)
An energy balancing/healing session can be done in person or long distance.  An intuitive scan of your animal’s body and energy systems can determine areas of congestion or diminished flow.  Energy healing can boost and support the body’s natural healing abilities as well as initiate relaxation and calm.  I will e-mail you any information that I received during the session.  (Energy healing sessions are not a substitute for veterinary care).

NEW!  Animal Communication/Energy Healing Session Combo ($55/55 minutes)
A 30-minute telephone animal communication session where you provide 1-3 questions to be addressed during the session, and at a later time I will do a 25-minute distance healing session.  Energy healing is a key piece which can facilitate your animal to release emotions, blocked energies, behaviors, or any old stuff that they may be holding on to.   It can open the door for more calm, peace, and relaxation.  I will e-mail you any information I received during the healing session.


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