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Energy Healing – A Key Piece

March 7, 2011

For those of you who received a few sentences of this unfinished post a couple of weeks ago, I apologize.   I mistakenly hit the publish button. You may read the finished post below.

Communicating with your animal can shed light, confirm, clarify questions or concerns, and reveal important messages.  It can be most important and revealing for the human-animal bond and it makes us feel better.  The energy healing piece, as it becomes a bigger part of my work,  is very key and takes the communications a step further, and addresses how I can assist the animal.   Some animals have no way to release their pain, frustration, or loss other than acting out, which can create bewilderment and frustration for their humans. The healing part of energy allows the animal to release any emotions, blocked or bad energies, any old stuff that he/she may be holding on to.  I just hold the space for the healing to take place.


When I first met Shaddai, a 21-year old black gelding, for the first time at a rescue ranch, I felt an emotional wave pass through me.  Perhaps he was triggering some of my emotional stuff.   When it happened again, I asked for clarification from the Universe and was told that I was feeling Shaddai’s pain, not mine.  An empath I am.

During a distance healing session, I established an energetic heart-to-heart connection with Shaddai.  My tears became his tears, as he released his pain through me.  My healer kitten, Shuilean, felt equally drawn to his heart, and encircled herself around this area.   I continued my intuitive scan and sensed mild  issues with his small intestines and kidneys.  Being an older horse, he was also experiencing some skeletal issues as well, in his knees, back, and hips.  Shuilean then crawled inside Shaddai’s heart and began purring.  The vibrational frequency of a purr can heal!   I channeled pink-colored energy of unconditional love.  As the session ended, Shuilean lept out of Shaddai’s heart space, and rays of white light flooded outward.

What was immediately evident was Shaddai’s aura’s darkness was lifted and was now radiating beautiful colors.   I visited Shaddai the very next day, and he was bright, alert, happy, and relaxed.  Shaddai now has a very kind and special human sponsor.  In exchange for her giving him lots of love and attention, Shaddai is healing her heart.


An Alternate Approach to Shelter/Rescue Animals

January 28, 2011

Okay, we’ve seen those sad pictures of shelter animals on TV.  They touch our hearts.  Neglected, abused – their faces call out to us for assistance.  Do you feel sorrow for them?  Or pity?  Does “poor thing” run through your mind?   I’m asking all of us to stop these types of thoughts and reactions NOW!  When we pity a ‘being’, we characterize them as being ‘below us’ or ‘less than’.  Animals are of equal importance, existence, and connection with us.

Are you familiar with an advertisement for Pedigree Dog Commercial about shelter dogs?  Click on this link and watch it,  The message is “Shelter dogs aren’t broken, they simply experience more life.  If they were human we would call them wise.  They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write. The ones dealt a bad hand responded with courage.  Do not pity a shelter dog, adopt one.”

Integrating the idea of working with shelter or rescue animals as ‘copartners’, brings a new vision where we can feel compassion, offer food and medical assistance, heal, volunteer, or adopt. We give to them and we receive profound healing in return – an exchange of love.

There are many factors and scenarios that can contribute to an animal’s energy balance or imbalance.  Let’s face it, these imbalances come into play when they interact with US and our environment!  Behavioral issues, neglect, inadequate nurturing or training, lack of exercise, just to name a few.  And the animals still choose forgiveness and re-establish trust and connection with us.  When I began my healing work in the shelters, I was surprised to find a few animal’s whose energy systems were completely balanced – clear, clean, and expansive.  Imagine that!  They were thriving in this environment, despite our assumptions.

So the next time you visit an animal shelter, consider experiencing it through ‘new eyes’.  Rather than feeling sorrow or pity, acknowledge the animals with respect they deserve.  They are experiencing life just as we are.

What’s Up With Your Animal Companion?

December 6, 2010

As 2010 year-end approaches,  give the gift of an animal communication session!

Do you need a little clarity or confirmation about what’s up with your animal companion?   Do they need an energy healing boost?   Have a question or two to ask them?  Wish to connect with your animal that has passed?  Your animal friend may have a special message for you.


Special Offer until December 31, 2010!

REFER A FRIEND for an animal communication or energy healing session with me at the regular price of $30 for 30 minutes, and MY GIFT TO YOU for your referral is an animal communication or energy healing session for 50% off ($15 for 30 minutes).

This offer is effective until December 31, 2010.  Once your friend’s session is scheduled and completed, by telephone or in person, then you will get 50% off your session!

Please feel free to e-mail me with questions or to schedule an appointment,

Blessings and Happy Holidays!   Karen

Dancing with Dolphins

November 1, 2010

Today is very special!  I swim with the dolphins and they swim with me!  Dolphins Plus in Key Largo, Florida is a marine mammal research and education center offering a ‘natural swim’ or open swim with dolphins.  I’m thrillin’ to be chillin’ with the dolphins.  Mask, snorkel, fins…..check!

My senses are awakened and engaged.  I observe (see) sleek beautiful beings glide and dance with ease and grace – intertwine, interlope, meld, converge, spiral outward, surrounding me.  Swift and agile swimmers, they can change direction in a split second.  I listen (hear) to their underwater communications and echo locations of chirps, clicks and whistles.  Their sonar capabilities help them navigate, locate food, glean information about the environment (about me, too), and communicate with other dolphins. Water splashes to my left and right are accompanied by blowhole releases of air.  The blowhole is the external opening (like a nasal passage) to the lungs.  Emerald water enfolds me in its warm embrace and I feel (touch) a ‘by-chance’ skin-to-skin encounter with sleek, moist dolphin skin.   A dolphin’s skin facilitates swimming easily, quickly, and rapidly with less resistance through the water.

Did you catch the three senses? See, hear, and touch refer to my physical experience with the dolphins.  Did you know that these senses are available to you in the psychic or telepathic realm?

Relaxed and peaceful after my swim was a perfect time for a circle of dolphins in spirit (dolphin consciousness) to appear to me (clairvoyance, or clear seeing).  Their message was clear “We speak your language with sound. Try it sometime!” (clairaudience, or clear hearing).  On reflection, when a dolphin glided beneath me, I sensed (clairsentience, or clear sensing) a high-frequency vibration change as our energies touched and connected as though ‘in sync.’

This dolphin experience was more than I could imagine which was further enhanced by the cool clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience), adding a total other dimension!

Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the dolphins – Squirt, Lotus, Bella, Fiji, Elvis, Nica, Bob, Ding, Grace, L.B., Jessica and “baby” – for their ever present joyous nature and welcoming me into their pod.

Dolphins Plus are pioneers in dolphin-human interaction and are committed to the conservation and protection of marine mammals worldwide through education, research, experiential learning, and environmental awareness.  They are located in Key Largo, Florida, (305) 451-1993, toll free 1-866-860-7946,

Be Present, See the Miracles

September 29, 2010

Rune and I prepared for a walk.  He was so excited he grabbed the leash in his mouth.  I harnessed him up and we journeyed outside. As we passed a fellow volunteer with her pooch, Candy, the dogs’ interaction was quite amazing.  Candy and Rune began playing. While Candy quickly assessed herself as alpha female and Rune became the submissive one, they strained at their leashes – lunging, romping, and barking.  They seemed a good match and it was difficult to keep them apart.

I love to see dogs play and I learn so much watching their interactions.  A few more playful moments with Candy, and Rune and I continued our walk.  I reflected on how easy Rune engaged in play – effortless, easily, in the flow, and very much in the present moment. It  brings to mind how our animals are constantly engaging and challenging us to interact in the present as well.  In fact I asked Rune if he had a message, and he basically communicated “Play, play, play!  Life is too short.  Don’t overthink….things will happen in their own time, enjoy every moment!”   With that message, is it a surprise to me that Rune was surrounded by many angels and fairies?  I think not.  Rune is a very, very special canine.

How often have we missed some miracle happening right before our eyes, when our wandering minds were planning our day from our to-do list?  Has your pooch persistently tried to engage you in some activity while you are heavily engrossed in something else. Perhaps he’s telling you that you need a break!  Does your feline walk across your computer keyboard while you happen to be working on a project? Stop, notice, take a break, be present, see the miracles.

Universal Energy Healing is Available to YOU

September 3, 2010

My first experience with energy occurred over 10 years ago.  I was drawn to it and did not know why.  For the first time, I felt a vibration and tingling sensation in my hands.  As my hands scan a person’s body, the vibration became stronger particularly over injured, stressed, knotted, and fatigued areas.  This was amazingly cool stuff and I wanted to learn more!  In an effort to satiate my yearnings, I attended more energy healing classes assisting humans and animals in various healing groups.  Did you know that energy is infinite, universal, and freely available?  It’s possible for me to perform long distance healings on humans, dogs, cats, birds, and horses, anywhere in the world.

During an energy healing session, I connect psychically with the animal or person, sense their energy and my intuition (an inner feeling or sense) and hands take over.  Important to know and remember is this universal energy is not coming ‘from’ me, but ‘through’ me, from Source, from the universe.  I receive assistance from my guides, or nonphysical beings, which can be angels, other spiritual beings, or animals (alive or not).  Often they show me where to place my hands or what healing process will shift the energy in a particular area.  Other times, they “do their thing”, as they know best what is required.

First time to try energy healing?  Just place your hands on a particular area or anywhere with your “intention” for the universal energy to support and heal where needed.  This could take a few minutes or longer.  Remember, this is an ongoing learning process and your skills will improve with practice.

Pugs relaxing with the energy

Energy healing can be performed by everyone and has profound benefits.  Beware….it can become habit forming!  Energy relaxes and rejuvenates the healer and the healee.  As we assist healing ourselves and other beings, we contribute greatly to a shift in our world.

Why not give energy healing a try? You’ll be glad you did.

Note:  Energy healing is a supportive healing modality and does not replace health or veterinary care.

Epiphany in Two Paragraphs

August 2, 2010

Okay, so maybe it is longer than two paragraphs…..just a little…..Read on!

I’m a perpetual student.  Aren’t we all?  Some classes just snatch my attention, often times I do not know why I’m taking them (more often times I do), but on some level know they will assist me in my journey or life path. Other classes I have regrettably participated in, but this awareness contributed to my growth as well.   Absolutely, if it were not for my interest in my own development and awareness, then I wouldn’t be the ‘being’ I am today!

Educational webinars, interactive telephone calls and internet groups endeavor to challenge and support you and other like-minded individuals in a safe environment.  I’ve  participated in several of these programs – most recently one designed to explore my ‘niche’, where I really shine, discover what I do exceptionally well.  I was very much attentive and engaged the first week. Soon the presentations and forums did not deliver their initial enthusiastic appeal.  I took note of my energy level during the calls and the only way I can describe it – it felt heavy. I questioned this new revelation.  I want to FEEL excited, rejuvenated, exclaim ‘YES!!!’, connect to this exploration vibrationally……..but I didn’t.  No spark, no enthusiasm.  Why had I even signed up for this program?

In marched my mind chatter of  judgments, along with the ‘shoulds” – Okay, I signed up for this program for some reason, I should at least complete it.  I should welcome the interactions and experiences of this group as they could be very meaningful.  Imagine what vital information I should garner in regards to what I’m good at, ‘my niche.’…….da…dah…da…dah…da…dah.  Left brain on overdrive!  Then came my epiphany!  Though the program subject matter initially peaked my interest energetically, the energy can change and I can choose differently. It is absolutely okay.  Now, about my niche.  My radiance shines when I work with animals – psychically communicating, energy healing, and sharing and educating these awesome and exciting insights with their humans and others.  Now I can get excited, enthused and energized with that!  Yes, the answer resides within me and is not found in a class or a program.  I finally GOT this essential piece once and for all!  Remember I mentioned in the beginning about how awareness contributes to my growth.

It is time for my radiance to shine.  Do you want to come play?

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